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White Horse Theatre

On February 15th the White Horse Theatre came to our school for the fourth time.
The English actors Sinead Gibson (22), Jennifer Kay (27), Geoffrey Card (26), and American actor Max Moss (31) performed two plays: “The Tiger of the Seas” – a lively pirate comedy for the younger pupils and “Light Fingers” –about crimes within youth - for the classes 8 and 9.

As a highlight the younger pupils were encouraged to take small parts in the play. They had a lot of fun while playing wonderful sounding waves and very convincing sheep.
During “Light Fingers” we could notice a higher language register, so the audience was more focused on understanding the play than acting in it like the younger pupils did.
The older pupils were given a chance to ask questions after the show. Actress Jennifer Kay said: “This is a good day for us. The pupils are very responsive - in a positive way. And their English sounds really good.”

Furthermore Frederik, Marius, Joey and us had the chance to ask the actors some questions which were answered in a very detailed way. Sinead, Jennifer, Geoffrey, and Max were absolutely friendly and they have a great sense of humour. In our opinion this way of teaching English through theatre is an enjoyable experience to learn the language.
Hopefully the White Horse Theatre is going to visit our school again in the future.

Text and photos by Sarah Benninghoven and Elina Miller, Jgst. 12


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